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12 Ethical Products You Can Find at Target

Want to shop ethically, but don’t know where to begin? Some of your favorite stores may already be selling ethical products. You just need to know where to look.

Today, I’ve curated a selection of ethical products from Target. Like many American moms, I’ve spent a lot of time browsing the aisles of Target with a Starbucks drink in hand. But when I committed to shopping more ethically, I worried that I might have to give up my beloved trips to Target.

Thankfully, I didn’t.

Target doesn’t have a perfect ethical rating, but it does have higher standards for labor and sustainability than most of its competitors. Target also carries a lot of B corporations and small-business brands that are 100% worth supporting. Once you know what brands to look for, it’s actually pretty easy to buy ethical products in every department at Target.

Here are my top 12 ethical picks.

Target Ethical Products

1. Abstract Tufted Area Rug – Project 62

This gorgeous rug is Goodweave Certified, which means that no child, forced, or bonded labor was used to make it. Goodweave is a nonprofit that works to ensure childhood education, fair working conditions, and sustainable practices in the textile industry. Several of Target’s brands have partnered with Goodweave, including Project 62 and Threshold. When you buy one of these rugs, part of the proceeds go towards Goodweave’s mission. We recently bought this black and white rug, and I love the quality and unique texture.


2. Recycling Truck – Green Toys

Green Toys uses recycled milk jugs to make imagination-boosting toys for kids. They make everything in the USA, ensuring fair labor and a responsible supply chain, and also use recycled packaging. My son loves all of their cars, but I think this recycling truck is especially cute—and educational!


3. Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer – W3LL PEOPLE

W3LL PEOPLE makes natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free beauty products. They get environmental points for using organic, sustainable ingredients, and they ensure ethical labor practices by hand-making their products in the USA. This concealer boasts all-day coverage while de-puffing and brightening your skin…naturally!


4. Arapaho Eco-Friendly Watch – Earth Wood Goods

Made from sustainable wood, this watch makes a fashion statement AND an environmental one. Earth Wood Goods makes all of their watches from eco-friendly wood, cork, and stone. They also plant a tree for each purchase you make. Target has a great selection of these watches online, though you might have trouble finding them in store.


5. Lavender Bergamont Deodorant Stick – Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet is one of my favorite natural and ethical beauty brands. I’ve already reviewed their deodorant and shampoo bar (both of which I continue to use). Meow Meow Tweet uses organic and fair trade ingredients and hand makes all their products in the USA. They also don’t use any plastic packaging, which cuts down on environmental waste.


6. Freedom Knit Sock Top Athletic Shoes – Champion

Champion is owned by the Hanes corporation, which has long been an industry leader in ethics and sustainability. These knit-top shoes have all the comfort of slippers, but will make you look like a person who (maybe) works out. If you’re looking for more ethical athleisure, Target also sells Champion clothing and Hanes underwear.


7. Soap Dispensing Dish Brush – Full Circle

Full Circle is a B corporation, which means the whole company is centered around fair labor, sustainability, and community benefit. This adorable dish brush is made with sustainable bamboo and recycled plastic bristles. The head is also replaceable, so you can keep using it for years to come. You can fill it with dish soap from fellow B corporations Seventh Generation and Method.


8. Organic Cotton Printed Sheet Set – Threshold

This sheet set is both organic and Oeko-Tex Certified, which means it is free from commercial pesticides and harmful manufacturing chemicals. These chemicals are a huge area of justice for textile workers, who often suffer from toxic exposure. By buying these sheets (or other certified bedding), you’re ensuring the health of the people who made your bedding AND yourself. Target also carries Oeko-Tex Certified towels.


9. Classic Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle – Kleen Kanteen

Kleen Kanteen is B corporation, which means the whole company is centered around fair labor, sustainability, and community benefit. Their insulated bottles are designed to be a sustainable alternative to single-use bottles and cups. They can be used for both hot and cold drinks, and they’re meant to last a lifetime. I recently bought one, and it’s by far the highest quality water bottle I’ve ever owned. Pair it with fellow B corporation Stasher Bags to bring your food on-the-go in an equally ethical container.


10. Planet Bowls – EcoSouLife

These bowls may look simple, but they are pure plant magic! They are made from entirely plant-based materials (and no plastic), but are somehow dishwasher and microwave safe. Here’s the really cool part: if you bury them, they will completely biodegrade in 2-3 years. But these eco-friendly bowls are also designed to last for years, so don’t bury them anytime soon!


11. Organic Love Buzz French Roast Coffee – Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange products are organic and fair trade, which ensures ethical labor and sustainable practices in the supply chain. They also support small-scale farmers in the developing world. The Love Buzz blend has notes of toasted marshmallow, molasses, and malt, which frankly sounds spectacular. Target also carries Equal Exchange’s organic chocolate bars.


12. Goodbye Stress Gummy Vitamins – Olly

Olly is a B corporation, which means the whole company is centered around fair labor, sustainability, and community benefit. They make a wide variety of vitamin gummies for adults and kids alike. This particular vitamin blend is meant to calm the nervous system and reduce the effects of stress on the body, which is something we all could use. I’ve tried Olly’s Daily Energy vitamins, and I can confirm that their natural flavoring is delicious.



So there you have it—ethical brands sitting right under your nose! With Target’s free 2-day shipping (on orders $35+) and your newfound knowledge, you really have no excuse not to shop ethical.

For more information on why you should shop ethical, read this. For more brands, check out my Ethical Shopping Guide, which is an ongoing list of ethical products I’ve tried and loved.


Target ethical products


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