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    A City Girl’s Guide To Composting

    I always thought of myself as a true Midwestern girlβ€”descended from farmers, with grit and dirt in my blood. Then I went to work on an organic farm. According to the real farmers, I was a city girl who didn’t know the first thing about dirt.Β These people grew food in the desert, made their own worm tea (a natural fertilizer that smells just as lovely as it sounds), and used composting toilets. That’s right: one of my jobs was to empty the poop buckets into the compost pile. It was really special. By the end of the summer, I had no complaints about returning to “city life” with flush toilets and supermarket veggies.…

  • My Chronic Fatigue Story
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    My Chronic Fatigue Story

    Three years ago, I had a new baby, a new job, and a one-way ticket to France. This seemed surprisingly normal to me. I’d been in the habit of clustering major life changes. Within a few months of graduating college, I was engaged and traveling in Turkey. Three weeks after Sam and I got married, we moved to Kosovo and began work in missions. When I got pregnant, we made another international move. This was our life: bold, adventurous, invincible. Until it wasn’t. Today, I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and spend about 75% of my time in bed. Like many people with CFS, I also struggle with intermittent brain fog, memory impairment, dizziness, muscle…