• How I Met My Husband

    The Crazy, True Story of How I Met My Husband

    When I was sixteen, God told me I was going to marry Sam Steere. There were just a few problems with this. 1) I’d never spoken to Sam before. And 2) I didn’t grow up in a church where God talked to people, so I thought I was going insane. Despite my concerns about my mental health,Β I really believed that…

  • single friend

    Dear Single Friend

    I got married and had a baby in my early twenties. It wasn’t the life I’d planned. I never scouredΒ wedding blogs or pined after maternity shops. I never meant to be the first of our friend group to start a family. I simply fell in love, and the rest followed naturally. Meanwhile, you’reΒ still single. I see youΒ going to grad school,…

  • Marriage

    Life is Hard, Marriage is Easy

    After two and a half years of marriage, the phrase my husband and I return to again and again is this: “Life is hard, marriage is easy.” I am painfully aware that this isn’t true for everyone. I know plenty of people with hard marriages, people who struggle to keep their relationships happy and healthy. But for us, marriage has…