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    One Word 2016: Return

    2015 was a wild year for me: I gave birth to a beautiful boy, moved to Southern France, and began leading a Discipleship Training School with my husband. We fueled our 12-hour workdays with baby-interrupted sleep and an unspeakable amount of coffee. RISE was my vision word for the year, and it couldn’t have been more accurate. There was much…

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    Dear Single Friend

    I got married and had a baby in my early twenties. It wasn’t the life I’d planned. I never scoured wedding blogs or pined after maternity shops. I never meant to be the first of our friend group to start a family. I simply fell in love, and the rest followed naturally. Meanwhile, you’re still single. I see you going to grad school,…

  • introvert in missions

    Being an Introvert in Ministry

    There’s no question that I’m an introvert. Take me to a party, and within two hours I’ll either be doing dishes or making friends with the household cat. I love people, but I can only take so much socialization before I begin to feel exhausted and claustrophobic. To be honest, I like functioning this way. I like that I’m sensitive and…

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    Having It All

    Like most women, becoming a mother was a huge turning point in my life. I suddenly had to reassess everything I wanted and decide if and how I could do it with a baby. Did I want to be a stay-at-home mom? Did I want to work? Would we hire a babysitter for date nights and adult get-togethers with friends?…

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    The View From France

    As I type, I can see cliffs and gardens out the window: Southern France in all her glory, bathed in blue skies and sunshine. We arrived here last week, and it’s still sinking in that this is our home now. I never imagined living somewhere so beautiful. A year ago, we were living in Kosovo, and I had just found out…

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    Back to Expat Life

    This weekend, we’ll be packing bags, praying away sickness, and preparing to move to the other side of the world. We’ve been in America almost an entire year, and it’s been an amazing time of reconnecting with family, friends, and churches we love. But France is calling, and it’s time to venture back out into the great unknown of expat…