• Why I Buy Ethical Clothes
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    Why I Pay More For Ethical Clothes

    I grew up in central Illinois with strong German-Lutheran roots. We made jello salads, sat in the same pew every Sunday, and more than anything loved to brag about a good deal. To this day, if I get a good price on something, I will feel compelled to tell you about it the moment you mention the item. Like my shirt? I got it from the clearance rack at Target! This cute bag? $1 at a garage sale! I will beam with pride, and if you are from the Midwest, you will be equal parts jealous and thrilled. However, lately something has thrown a wrench into my usual good-deal joy.…

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    Scratch-Off World

    During a road trip this summer, I crashed at my friend’s apartment in DC. Years ago, she and I were roommates in rural India. When we caught the seasonal fever, I threw up in the bucket we shared for washing clothes, and she didn’t get mad. You could say we’re pretty close. On her wall, there was a large map of the world. It was one of those scratch-off maps you see on Pinterest and gift guides for travelers: once you visit a country, you scratch off the plain brown overlay to reveal a brightly-colored map of that nation. The idea is to keep track of all your travels and show…